Thursday, March 30, 2017

The core virtues of the Basic School are taught both by word and deed.  Through the curriculum, through school climate, and through service, students learn good conduct and citizenship.

RESPECT-  Each person responds sensitively to the ideas and needs of others.  Thought is given to how our actions will affect others.  Differences among people are celebrated.

HONESTY-  Each person carries out his or her responsibilities carefully and with integrity , never claiming credit for someone else's work and being willing to acknowledge wrongdoing.

SELF-DISCIPLINE - Each person agrees to control their actions and feelings.

RESPONSIBILITY-  Each person has a sense of duty to willingly complete the tasks s/he has accepted or has been assigned.

GIVING-  Each person discovers that one of life's greatest satisfactions comes from giving to others, and recognizes that talents should be shared.  Rather than waiting to be asked, members of the community look for opportunities to respond positively to the need of others, without expecting reward.

CARING- Each person is considerate.  There is a recognition that everyone, from time to time feels hurt, confused, angry or sad.  Instead of ignoring these feelings, people reach out to one another.

INTEGRITY-  Each person acts according to what is right and wrong.  What is written and spoken is honest and students and staff are trustworthy.

COURAGE- Each person develops the quality that makes  it possible for him or her to face dangers and difficulties without fear.

PERSEVERANCE - Each person has inner strength and determination to reach their goals and works hard to complete assignments.